Life Changes

I had re-started working on Book 3 in between the fall and spring semesters. Unfortunately, my car was struck by a reckless driver in DC who lost control of her SUV (sidebar: I highly recommend dash cams – I bought two for $80 each and they really paid off when the other driver made false statements) and my day-job got far more hectic than usual, but that was all pushed to the wayside when I got a call one Tuesday afternoon that my best friend was no more. Three days later, I got calls that two very close family members (one furry, one human), one of whom was in ICU, needed very serious surgeries.

Needless to say, especially combined with the blizzard that the East Coast received, I fell behind at both work and school. I’m catching up in both of those and will be back to writing soon, but I decided to take a slight detour. It’s not quite 100% yet, so I don’t want to post specifics, but it looks like I will be writing a 30k- to 40k-word story in a different universe, which might release around July. I still fully expect to release Book 3 in 2016, but this means it will definitely be in the fall. The good news is that I’m about 10,000 words into Book 3 and I have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen.

Part of the reason for the detour is that it’s something I really want to write, and the idea of trying something different has me chomping at the bit. But I’d be lying if I said part of it was that I needed to step away from the INIA series for just a short time. My friend Nick bounced the original idea around with me for quite some time before I ever started putting keystrokes to hard-drive. It was also conversations with him about his forays into music and theater that made me decide to actually start writing. He provided quite a bit of feedback on Paradigm Lost, too. I am fortunate to have been able to tell him this in person, but the INIA series is “part him.”

That being said, I’m definitely not abandoning the series. I love it, most of you have given very positive feedback, and he loved it. I’m very excited about Book 3; the ideas were coming out like crazy when I was writing Limits of Power, so I can’t wait to put the story together.

Thanks again for reading.


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