Spring Update

Okay, so it’s sleeting in the DC area and going to be below freezing tonight, but winter is officially over and I realized I haven’t posted in a while and I have some good news. The short version: I’m writing again.

For those of you who want the more detailed version: I have two ongoing projects. The first is a novella, which will be between 30,000 and 40,000 words. It will be based in another author’s universe and launched via Kindle Worlds. I’m about 1/6th of the way done, with an expected launch in July of this year. I don’t want to give any more details yet, since I’m still in discussions with that author about the details and direction of the story. Regardless, I’m really excited about it!

The second project is Book 3, in which I’ve broken 10,000 words. Paradigm Lost and Limits of Power were both in the low- to mid-80,000 range, but I could see Book 3 approaching the 100,000 mark. Though, it’s hard to say this early into the story, based on the way I go about writing. In terms of a launch date, it should be ready around Thanksgiving, which is when I released LoP last year. Granted, PL got a much better reception and I released that in March 2015, but I have no idea how much that has to do with simply getting lucky with Amazon’s suggestion algorithms. Anyway, I want to launch it when it’s ready, and it should be ready by then. My day job has gotten very busy (I may be taking on a new mission), so I pulled out of my summer course to make sure that I have time to write.

I’m also looking for feedback on PL and LoP, since Book 3 is going to be extra-important to me and I want to get it just right. I read all of the reviews on Amazon, but I’m also available via e-mail (hughtaylorscifi@outlook.com).


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