Good News!

I will be releasing a novella very soon! Science-fiction author Evan Currie was kind enough to let me play in his sandbox; specifically, his Odyssey One universe, which is one of my favorites. I highly recommend that you check the series out, in addition to his other works, including his On Silver Wings series.

My novella, Descent from the Black, is intended to be a fun attempt to get readers into the Odyssey One universe, or to expand it a little for those who are already familiar. If there’s enough interest and positive feedback, maybe there will be more to come in the future! I hope so, as it was definitely fun for me to write.

Unfortunately, I did have to set down my Interstellar Navy Investigation Agency (INIA) series while completing my Master’s degree (and continuing my career). The (additional) good news is that I will finish my M.A. at the end of April 2021, and I’m almost 25% into the still untitled Book 3 of that series (teaser: I will be hard at work on that manuscript this summer.

I hope you enjoy the novella in the meantime!

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