Book 3 Update

I now know the direction that this book will take and am making progress; ideally, I’ll have a draft complete around Thanksgiving. Among other things:I had a change of heart with my Master’s program, choosing a history program at Arizona State University, and the government shutdown set me back months at work. These two things ate into my time for writing far more than I anticipated–but both are now beginning to normalize, and I don’t take any classes during the summer.

Moving forward, my goal is to have Book 3 out around Christmas 2019, and Book 4 completed about the same time I finish my M.A. in 2021. After that degree is done, I should return to my one book per year pace, hopefully indefinitely. If I still have fans out there that have stuck with me, I really do appreciate it. It’s been a long three and a half years since I launched Limits of Power. I miss the series greatly, and I’m not letting it go.


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